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How to be Taeyang 101: #1 Cheesy pickup line

never forget

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how to be perfect by park jimin.

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"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

until whenever. 

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every woman on tumblr should have this on their dash

And every man

Look how nobody’s yelling or arguing or making things into a competition. Look how this is to straight up educate people through a different perspective. Look how effective that makes the message.

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seungri edit for anon

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The Art of My Neighbour Totoro
Illustrations by Hayao Miyazaki

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This scene is SO important. Maleficent is with someone she trusts, someone she considers a friend. And then the next thing she knows, she wakes up in pain, bleeding, with her wings burned off. A huge part of her has been destroyed.

Rape is so prominent in our culture that it is in a Disney movie. Maybe not explicitly, but it is very clear what this scene represents and it is so sad.

I fucking cried my eyes out during this scene

AJ even confirmed that this is what this scene was a metaphor for (x) - just because i saw someone say today that this is not what this scene is about

'We were very conscious that it was a metaphor for rape': The actress explained how the scene in which her character has her wings ripped off her body while in a drug-induced sleep had to be something 'so violent and aggressive' that it would make her 'lose all sense of her maternity, her womanhood and her softness' 

when a man violates a woman, he cuts off her wings.

I balled my eyes out watching this scene in the movie theatre because I INSTANTLY equated it rape. I think the saddest part was that the ONLY people I noticed crying at the part were women….

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Oh, girl, I cry, cry
You’re my all, say goodbye, bye
Oh, my love, don’t lie, lie
You’re my heart, say goodbye

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